NFT’s: an opportunity for artists

If you are an artist, especially a creative professional, I recommend spending some time Googling “Non-Fungible Tokens”. This is a new way to sell your artwork (or other creation, music, 3D model, etc) as a collectible type of asset in an auction, or for a set price. Even if your artwork isn’t in a digital format, it’s possible to sell it as an NFT, even real estate, deeds, titles can be sold as NFTs. Some of the websites that help with this are “foundation”, “zora” and “open sea”. There are digital wallets that assist with the process such as “meta mask”. One of the most exciting elements of NFTs to me, are the potential to earn royalties for each transaction that takes place in the future, indefinitely! For example, a 1% commission, or 20% commission, it’s up to you! It’s all based on the block chain. Ethereum is the main one supporting NFTs currently, but there are many more coming. Soon the Theta network will support it too.